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"The Package"
"The Package"
DWMDJsvc is a professional DJ service that caters to you! No matter how BIG or how small you think your event is, your event will get the same extraordinary treatment. Whether it is a house party, wedding or a corporate function, we will make it an unforgettable event! Our resident DJ "The Package" has over 30yrs of experience in bringing the party to life. His personal demeanor, charming smile and deft mixing leaves the partygoers yearning for more as the night comes to an end. Please take time out to visit our site and give us a call if you are needing that extra sizzle to make your event pop!!!!
Thank You!!!
  1. Music
    We offer what you need. If you want Hip Hop with an R&B twist, we can assist. Want a little Country with your Jazz? We can accommodate. We attempt to accommodate all reasonable requests. We will even assist in helping you pick out your music!
  2. Pricing
    We offer a la carte pricing as well as affordable packages. These are all based on dates, time, hours needed, equipment needed, staff needed and location. Please feel free to contact us for a specialized quote just for you.
  3. Booking
    Please feel to contact us via: Cell Phone - 972 765-3121 Email -
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